September 28, 2023

How To Lead With Confidence

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How To Lead With Confidence

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I really do have the most amazing clients. They’re honest and open with me and they always bring up struggles and challenges that I feel so many business owners would avoid admitting to through some kind of shame or fear. I like to share these struggles with you for that very reason. Because if one person is experiencing these things, it stands to reason that so many others will be too. And, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that talking about a problem is the first important step to dealing with it. Just recently, one of my clients dropped a truth bomb on me. She admitted that she’d been relying really heavily on her team to make decisions for her. I mean, “Go Team!” for having the capacity and skills to do that. But it did get me thinking that this would be a good topic to dive into. Because when it comes to being a leader, it needs to be YOU making the decisions… not your team. Are you ready to talk about being the literal boss of your own business?

Empowering Your Inner Decision-Maker

Alright, listen up, folks. Your business? It’s YOUR baby.

Yes, the job you do, the thing you started because you love it, the thing that brings in the money so you can live your life the way you want. It’s your passion, your livelihood. And nobody knows it better than you. It might not scream and cry or demand to be fed at regular intervals, but it has needs of its own and it’s YOU it comes to for those needs. Yes, your team absolutely wants you to succeed—you’re paying them, after all. But they don’t have nearly as much skin in the game as you do. They might have their own gigs going on, and that’s okay. But what that means is you need to step up and own the decisions that your business needs to succeed.

As a strategist and mentor, I help support business owners with their businesses. I’m not here to micromanage every move they make, but I help them analyze the data and make informed choices based on that data. Here’s the thing though… I don’t know your business like you do. Because you’ve been in it and hustling for years, honing your expertise and building relationships with your clients. That’s a wealth of knowledge that would take me years to replicate, if at all.

Ultimately, you are the decision-maker and the sooner you realize that and take ownership of it, the happier your business will be.

Leveraging Experience and Client Insights

That client I talked about earlier? She’s been a business owner for a solid decade. She knows her stuff. You don’t work that long doing what you do without learning a few things, right? Her experience gave her a deep understanding of her audience—their struggles, desires, and all the things that make them tick. She didn’t need someone like me to tell her those things because she was living it, breathing it, and ROCKING it.

What we did do together was to dig into her treasure trove of knowledge. It was there we uncovered the pain points her clients were experiencing, the breakthroughs that she helped them to achieve, and the results that set her apart from anyone else in her industry. That information is a goldmine and so we used that to craft a killer message to help her really nail her marketing game. And guess what? Her recent workshop had over a hundred eager attendees! #micdrop

This is the place to start in your own business… with what you already know through your years of experience, learning and development. You’ve been doing what you’re doing long enough to have built connections with your audience. You know what makes them tick. You know what they’re struggling with and why it is they come to you in the first place. Even if you’ve never really formalized it, you know it. So, use what you know to get really clear on the decisions you need to make for your business.

My top tip is to start writing your knowledge down. Seeing it all in one place can help to clear a space in your head so, when it’s time to make decisions and lead your business from the front, you have the clarity and knowledge to back up your decision-making.

Embracing Informed Decision-Making

Here’s the deal, friend. When you’re feeling shaky about being a leader and making those tough calls, take a breath and calm yourself. There’s no need to sweat it because you’ve got this. Take a step back, look at the data, and listen to what your clients have to say. Think about those milestones you’ve already achieved and the feedback you’ve been given. Absolutely trust your gut too, but rely on the numbers and data to back you up. A combination of the facts and figures, your lived experience and your intuition are the ultimate trifecta for making excellent decisions for your business every time.

Of course, data isn’t a crystal ball, but it does get you pretty close. Look at market trends and stay on top of them, study your competition, and analyze consumer behavior. All this information, plus your intuition, will be the recipe for success you and your business need.

It’s worth remembering here that no decision is perfect and that, even with all the information, mistakes can happen or wrong decisions can be made. And that’s totally okay! The point is that you MAKE the decision in the first place, that you take the lead in your business and make a choice based on what you know and feel. And, if it turns out not to be the right one, a true leader will review what happened, learn from their mistakes and take what they’ve learned forward to help them make new decisions next time around.

So, are you ready?

Alright! It’s time to unleash your inner rockstar and be the leader I know you can be in your business! Own your business, trust your instincts, and let your experience shine through. Remember, it’s you who is in the driver’s seat, making decisions with confidence and style. And if you’d like to know how to lead your specific business, why not set up a chat with me and tell me how you’re struggling?

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