July 27, 2022


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There is no such thing as a proven strategy.

At least not one that works for everyone. A “proven strategy” is one of the biggest marketing lies out there.

Whether it’s on a sales page, an IG caption, or an email, I feel like every one of us have seen these two words in the last few weeks (likely days). Honestly, they’re nothing more than a false promise meant to agitate your lack of confidence in what you’re currently doing.

And fair, maybe what you’re currently doing isn’t great. Maybe what they’re offering can actually work for YOU.

Keyword: maybe.

After over 15 years in business, I know that there’s no such thing as a proven strategy that unanimously works for 100% of the human population. Sure, there’s proven strategies that work for my business, just like there’s proven strategies that work for your business. But there’s no one universal proven strategy that works for everyone across the board.

The other day I received a message from someone demanding I share “proven strategies” within my content, and frankly that’s not something I, or anyone else, can do. I can offer guidance and suggestions to try, but giving you a “proven strategy” without fully understanding the inner workings of your business is disingenuous and misleading.

Anyone selling you this myth is just another person buying into those sleazy marketing schemes we all know and love to hate.

If you’ve ever followed a “proven strategy” someone has given you and then failed, you may have been left feeling defeated, wondering what you did wrong, and questioning why this strategy didn’t work for you. And the answer is you did nothing wrong – you were never set up for success.

See, when someone gives you a “proven strategy” what they’re really giving you is a proven strategy that worked for them or for a client of theirs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. In order to find a proven strategy that WILL work for you, we have to really dive into the HOW and WHY of your business – but that’s a conversation we can dive deeper into another day.

For now, remember to always question “proven strategies” that aren’t built for your unique business – test, play, and adjust to make the strategies work for you.

Or work with an expert who can help you build a customized strategy for your unique business, so you can say you have your own “proven strategy” in play. All of us in business have to market. There’s no way around it. But I believe that HOW we market should absolutely align with our personal values, habits, and who we are.

If you’re ready to take that leap into getting expert support, you’re in luck, because I’ve got a spot on my calendar with your name on it! 😉 The doors to the De•Coaching program have officially reopened, and my calendar has space on it ready for those early bird, action takers!

De•Coaching isn’t for everyone because it wasn’t created for everyone.

❌ You won’t find a copy-paste strategy inside this program.

De•Coaching is more than what you might know or be comfortable with. Inside, you will learn…

✅ The ins and outs of growing a business to $10k months and beyond.

✅ How to identify tactics you’re currently incorporating in your business that aren’t moving the needle and are wasting your time.

✅ My 6-figure process for attracting clients on repeat, while only working 20 hours per week.

✅ How to identify the best sales strategies for you to call in more of your ideal customers.

✅ How to understand your data and transform that info into a personalized strategy that works for YOUR business.

✅ Ways to overcome your limiting beliefs when it comes to marketing your business, so you show up more powerfully.

And so much more.

So if you’re ready to get there, De•Coaching is for you! The doors are open for the early birds, so pop your name on my calendar here and let’s chat!

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