I am a huge music lover. Whenever I want to be inspired, comforted, empowered, or grounded – I turn on the jams. It should come as no surprise that music holds powerful influence over our mood. Turn on a song and you’re bound to feel *something* (whether good or bad). And studies have found that when you listen to music you enjoy, it can help to elevate your mood.
I know personally I have found music provides me a ton of benefits, including:
  • Instant mood booster: There are tons of songs I can turn on and I know they’ll instantly lift my mood.
  • Outlet for my emotions: Sometimes a good tear fest is needed, and music can foster a safe environment to let go.
  • Inspire & motivate: You can’t ignore those chills you get from a song that really inspires you and motivates you to be a better person.
  • Promote gratitude: The message and meaning behind just a few short lyrics is enough to put all your woes into perspective. SOMEONE out there is experiencing something similar to you – and they sang about it.
  • Solidarity with humanity: Going with the above bullet point, it’s always heartening to feel like someone just *gets you*.
  • Keep me on task: When I’m procrastinating and can’t find the motivation to get busy, put on an uplifting tune and I start rocking!
  • Better learning environment: This one has some scientific backing, but I’ve found I absorb learning materials better when I’m listening to stimulating music.
As music is such a HUGE part of my day-to-day life, I wanted to share. You can now find Supremely You on Spotify where I have carefully curated several playlists, with plans to add more in the future! These playlists are a nice mix of many genres: pop, rock, country, indie, soul, and more. Follow along with some of these playlists below:
What does music do for you? Do you find it provides benefits that aren’t listed above?