Natasha O’Connor

Today we’re breaking down the story of one of my longest standing clients and now good friend, Natasha! Natasha & I have been working together for over 8 years, and have transitioned through THREE super successful businesses together – today we’re spotlighting the first year of business for her baking party bus company, which was launched during the middle of a pandemic and has seen amazing growth despite the obstacles thrown our way!

  • Huge online growth: In just one year, we’ve grown her Instagram to OVER 13k followers and fans, with over 4k on her email list, and more are being added daily! On average, we’re seeing a whopping 30-50% open rate for emails, showing we’ve got a highly targeted and engaged email list, and her social media has a highly engaged audience as well with a consistent stream of interaction and DMs. Talk about staying busy!
  • Sold out months: Just about every month this year has been either sold out or near sold out, which is just absolutely mind-blowing for being just over a year in business! Currently, Natasha is booked up into January, a month and half away!
  • Landed franchises: In her first year in business, we were able to grow the franchise side of the business, and even landed our first franchise owners! There’s sure to be even more coming soon. More than that, we also worked together to get the franchise side organized with systems in place. We identified the best tools for managing bookings, assets, and a space for franchise owners to gather necessary information. 
  • New website launched: We built a custom and responsive website using WordPress to provide all the necessary information buyers are looking for and a way to easily book their party packages.
  • Increased exposure: Through our consistent social media approach and aggressive marketing strategies, we’ve seen a steady stream of new visitors on the website and booking parties, and have even landed multiple TV segment spotlights plus a celebrity guest on the bus!
  • Successful ad campaigns: One of our most recent ad campaigns launched received well over 1000 visitors in traffic to the website, at around $0.60 per lead. This highly targeted campaign garnered reservations and email subscribers, and we’re continuing to see great traffic coming from this ad, with the website currently receiving up to 1000 visitors per day!

And this is just in the last year! As mentioned at the top, Natasha and I have been working together for almost a decade, and I have helped support her through three businesses, including one of the BIGGEST cake and candy expo’s in the United States, completely built from scratch, we now have a highly engaged audience of over 60k on both Instagram and Facebook, and have sold over 4000 tickets in previous years. We’ll be back in 2022 better than ever! 

Thank you Natasha for trusting me with your marketing needs!

“Aly has been a lifesaver when it’s come to launching the Bake It On Wheels brand. She is creative, responsive, and talented. Our social media presence has grown significantly due to Aly’s hard work and strategy. Additionally, Aly designed and optimized our website to bring more traffic directed towards our booking page and helped launched our email strategy. We now have a list over 5000 and growing daily. We’ve consistently stayed booked out! Aly is the ace in my back pocket that I know always has the business’ best interests in mind! My experience working with Aly makes me confident that she would be an asset to any organization or business in the future.”