Leah JM Dean

Today, I want to spotlight some of the inspiration one of my clients has achieved in our time working together! I provided social media management support, content creation, graphic design, and general support to help support Leah with some pretty amazing goals. Take a peek at just a few of the wins Leah is celebrating as 2021 comes to an end:

  • A year of firsts: 2021 was a milestone for Leah, her first full year of business. But more than that, it was also the first full year of Assemble the Tribe being available on the world stage. The first large-scale DFI virtual event, Optimize Your Life. It also saw her first series of keynotes and first leadership program launched. Talk about a lot to celebrate!
  • 30% Increase: This year, Conduit International Ltd. exceeded its first-year targets by over 30%. 
  • Launched a brand new program: The Tribe Advantage was birthed in June of 2021. With participants from across the globe in Bermuda, the US, Canada, and Nigeria.
  • Giving back: Giving back and pouring unexpected moments of kindness into the lives of others are at the very foundation of Leah’s values. In 2021 Conduit International Ltd. gave over $35,000 in services, scholarships, bursaries, and donations to local and international charities. 
  • Celebrated a best seller: Assemble the Tribe was sold in over 7 countries around the world including – Bermuda, US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands & as far as Australia. With 1000’s of books now in distribution, Leah is looking forward to releasing the audiobook in 2022 and focusing on partnerships to share the book in new countries and with the next generation of women.
  • Going virtual: This year, Leah shifted and pivoted in many ways, but one of the most inspiring ways was moving a physical event onto a digital platform – taking her live conference virtual, and it was a huge success! Over 240 attendees, the most diverse generation and industry audience ever to attend!