Jennifer Madrid

Another amazing client, Jenn Madrid, is also celebrating a ton as 2021 comes to a close. Working together, I provided social media management services, content creation, graphic design, website and sales pages support, launch support, and general support.

  • Hello 6-figure year: As of this writing, Jenn is on track for having a 6-figure year, after only being in business for just under 3 years! Talk about a win! I’m super excited to continue supporting her, and we’re coming for that multi 6-figures mark! 😉
  • New freebies & webinars: In an effort to grow her online email list, we have successfully launched TWO new freebie offers as well as a free online webinar that was filled with high quality leads on its first launch.
  • Celebrated a $60k launch: Jenn rolled out her 3rd cohort of one of her keystone programs, and we saw her biggest launch to date, closing out with a $60k! Her 4th cohort is kicking up now, and we already have women inside with a month to go before closing the doors.
  • Mini viral moments with Reels: 2021 was the year that we tapped into Reels and leaned into those, and as a result, 2 Reels had mini viral moments (one broke 15k views and a second broke 13k views). 
  • Got sh*t organized: Together we implemented a project management system, and completely organized our content calendar and assets – we’re talking next level organized!
  • Rave reviews: Through our support together, as a support coach in her program, we’re seeing phenomenal reviews and results! In fact, in her most recent launch, 6 out of the 8 women inside the container took the plunge to going full time self-employed and quit the 9-5 life!