The Rose Retreats

This one is a special one, and one that I am so honored to have had the privilege to support. In 2021, The Rose Retreats was struggling with making the transition to virtual events after primarily serving in-person events. They still wanted to share their mission and message on body love and self love however they could possible, so they made the shift to offering their Reset Retreat online in April 2021. They brought me on board to support their vision and help them make the transition to the digital space by creating a powerful social media presence. During our time together, we accomplished…

  • Huge Social Growth: As of this writing, The Rose Retreats digital presence, primarily Instagram, grew by over 4000 new highly niched and targeted audience members and broke into the high double-figure mark. Huge success moment here!
  • Boost In Engagement All Around: Not only did their follower count grow, but their overall social media presence grew by over 200% in engagement and interactions on their accounts, generating as many as 200 clicks in a single day to their website and over 1.5k in a single week. In fact, their IG presence saw 155,849 organic impressions on their platform.
  • Celebrated A Successful Launch: Through diligent posting and showing up, their first virtual event was a phenomenal success with over 200 attendees at the event and completely sold out VIP tickets. This success was then carried over into a SECOND virtual retreat in 2021, the Dear Body Retreat, which also saw equally impressive performance and sales.
  • Rave reviews: Through our support together, the Rose Retreat events have received amazing reviews from clients who attended the event and were engaged actively in social media campaigns. Overall, the event and social campaigns were a fantastic success!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us over the past year, you really allowed us to take a step back and figure out what we want the Rose Retreats to look like moving forward into the future. The pandemic really shook this aspect of our business and truly we wouldn’t have been able to make our socials look even close to as good as what you made it look like throughout the past year. All of your in-depth captions and well-thought out posts have been so impactful and exactly what we needed during this uncertain phase post-pandemic.