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I help statements are out.

Value statements are in.

You see them all over the place on social. “I help xyz to reach abc,” or “I help this-oddly-specific-audience achieve this-oddly-specific-thing.” Instead, it’s time to turn to Value Statements. Value statements are the heart of your business – they provide an intimate sneak peek into what it’s like working with you. They’re also easier than you think!

Want to replace that “I help…” statement in your bio with your value statement? Join me in the LIVE Vibrant + Visible Masterclass this month! Inside the workshop, we’ll be covering Value Statements, Vision Statements, and Mission Statements – plus tackling how my 3-Point Formula ties all of this together.

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Relationship marketer & strategist. Plus sized body with plus sized personality. Supporting coaches and creatives with creating a business that feels in alignment with who they are, fueled by confidence, and backed by connection, compassion, and conviction.

Look, you’ve been burned before. You’ve worked with coach after coach or have gone through course after course. You’ve been promised every which way to Sunday that mindset + manifestation is the cure to solve all your business woes. 

In walks me. I have a pinch of the woo but a fuckton of the DO. I work with the doers, the action takers, the ones ready to take what they’ve learned so far and support with a kickass strategy. The ones that are tired of following all the coaches out there preaching their millions and saying that manifestation and mindset got them there without backing up their claims. You want to actually understand what works and why it works, and that’s where I can help.