Guest Speaker Inquiry



This is the 5th cohort of the De•Coaching container, launching in February 2022, and ongoing support for the Moxie Vault. In a nutshell, the programs will target users (primarily women) interested in learning how to create a sustainable marketing strategy for themselves/for their own business or for others, creating a source of income from home, working remotely, and utilizing platforms they’re already familiar with. This program is ideal for coaches and service providers looking to learn how to use marketing in their business or for freelancers looking to take the next step in their business to create reliable income from recurring clients. There will be an emphasis on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Canva throughout the program.


Guest experts that are currently service providers, such as social media managers, virtual assistants, web designers, strategists, or online business managers preferred. There will be opportunities to pitch your services, your own unique programs or offers. There will also be a database for all experts to contribute their information to so that students can reach out if they are interested in working with you further.


Module 1

Introduction to the program, what is a social media manager, setting program expectations.

Module 2

Defining your services and building the foundations to a successful social media manager business.

Module 3

Tools & technology. What tools does a social media manager need? Common & popular tools.

Module 4

Introduction to social media. Popular social media channels. Conducting social media audits.

Module 5

Introduction to content creation, curation, and copywriting. Defining a target audience.

Module 6

Client attraction strategies. Find your perfect clients. Strategies for client outreach.

Module 7

Client onboarding and client management. Client retention and creating lasting relationships.

Module 8

Other tools and services that can be provided as a social media manager, including advertising.


Mini masterclasses from guest experts. Subjects include search engine optimization, budgeting for your new business, locking in the sale with killer copywriting, and more!


Weekly live 60 minute Zoom calls and group coaching sessions. Bring your questions and receive feedback in realtime! Sessions recorded and shared to resource library.


We are currently looking for guest speakers interested in working with service providers, such as social media managers, coaches, or business owners. In order to participate in the program, we are requesting a “mini class” of at least 30-60 minutes in length with a complimentary workbook or interactive component. Workbooks must be provided as part of the course and cannot be linked externally. Guest speakers may record additional mini classes or record a mini course longer than 60 minutes, however compensation may not exceed $350 per guest speaker. 


By participating, guest speakers will receive:

  • Initial compensation of $200-$350, depending on experience and deliverables.
  • Option to participate in the affiliate program, if requested.
  • Exposure for your unique offer on social media and email, including:
    • 1 spotlight in an email campaign highlighting your contribution and your unique offer
    • 2 story posts on Facebook & Instagram highlighting your contribution and your unique offer
    • 1 feed post on Facebook & Instagram highlighting your contribution and your unique offer
    • Your unique offer may be included on the final page of your workbook

$200-$350 one time payment


  • Email List: Over 13000 subscribers, average open rate between 20%-50%. See more stats below.

  • Instagram: Over 8000 followers, 100% engagement rate on posts, 100-350 views on stories.
  • Facebook: Over 2000 followers on Facebook business page, over 2000 members in the VIP group
  • Pinterest: Over 1000 followers, average monthly views over 60k.

Guest Expert Payment Structure


one time


one time


one time


one time

Length of mini course

Broken down into “bitesized” videos of around 5-10 minutes each.

Length of downloadable

Does not include cover page or guest expert’s offer page.

OPTIONAL – Facebook group live

Optional live video as part of CEO Chats in the main Supremely You Facebook group.

OPTIONAL – Advertisement on Guest Expert’s platforms

Advertisement on the guest expert’s social media channels, email list, etc. This is optional but appreciated. Graphics will be provided, if the guest expert is open to advertising on their platforms.

30 Minutes

1-2 Pages


45 Minutes

3-4 Pages


1-2 Mentions

60 Minutes

5-6 Pages


3-4 Mentions

60 Minutes

6+ Pages


5+ Mentions