March 10, 2022

The Power of Emotional & Solution Selling

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The Power of Emotional & Solution Selling

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Do you know why those business coaches share often that they hit 7-figures in their business? Why they share all the photos and videos of their exotic travels? Talk about their luxury cars, homes, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.?

Because they’re painting a story of a life others desire.

They’re hitting that powerful element in storytelling – eliciting an emotion. And for many, that emotion is a mixture of hope, optimism, desire and envy. The desire piece is possibly the strongest drive there – maybe even envy that this life isn’t theirs, but how can they get there?

These feelings are the same reason I’ve heard time and time again as a marketing strategist requests such as, “I want to do what did in their launch,” or “I want my website to look like ’s website,” or my personal favorite “how do I create a brand presence & strategy like?”

In every one of these instances the reason people gravitate to the marketing strategies of these big named coaches and want to recreate the success within their own business is because the coach is living the life they desired, and so they want to emulate the same path so they can reach that same lifestyle, have that dream life.

Ok, but what can you do to generate sales if you don’t have the fancy house or car yet? Look, you don’t NEED those things to generate powerful sales – you don’t even need to be light years ahead of your potential clients – you just have to be a little bit further along in your journey that shows them there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

For example, when I was still working in corporate and doing copywriting on the side, I was generating $120k annually between my salary and my side income. Those earlier days in business were spent showing others how they could also leverage a corporate career to grow a side income. I wasn’t a millionaire, but I still had authority in my space because I was living the dream that others wanted – others who were making $30-$40k annually wanted to know what they could do to change their circumstances, so I showed them the way.

Later, when I finally went full time entrepreneur, I was easily generating $15k per month… one of my very first clients? She was making $3k per month and wanted to learn how I scaled up to $15k. When I started generating $20-$30k per month? Same thing. Over and over and over again I’ve been able to leverage my PERSONAL growth and experiences the elicit that same emotion… desire. I’m living a life others dream of, and they were drawn to me for the support they need to get there.

That’s the power behind emotion & SOLUTION selling.


So What Is Solution Selling?

You’ve likely figured this out by now based on the above section, but ultimately solution selling is leading with a pain point and offering a positive point (i.e., solution) for their result. In fact, I dive deeper into this in a short clip below:

If you’re following along with the above video, ultimately it’s my 3-point formula:

Pain Point – Hit on where they are right now, their current struggles, their current challenges. This is where, too often, we end up stopping. But, ultimately, your customers are already living in this space. They no longer want to be here, and it’s up to you to show them that there is another way, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Which brings us to our next point.

Story Point – Your journey (or a client’s journey). Here is where we hit on the emotion. As the popular coaches listed above do, they share their story of overcoming challenges, or paint a picture of where they once were. You’ll often hear them say they “can’t believe” how far they’ve come. They’re connecting with you here and tapping into your emotions.

Positive Point Finally, we hit home on the desire. In our positive point we’re showing them the results, the outcome, and painting the picture of what is possible for them (with your support). This is what those big-named coaches are really hitting on when they share those behind the scenes of their luxury houses, cars, bags, jewelry, etc. They’re showing you what’s possible if you work hard to reach that life you desire.

Now it’s your turn! Use the above three points to paint your own story. Starting first with a pain point your audience is struggling with, move into connection by painting a story, and then close it out with a result or outcome that’s possible.


What Next?

Look, you know deep in your soul that you’re meant to impact millions and make millions doing so, but somewhere along the way you hit a wall. You’re doing the work, making a little money here and there, you’ve launched your offers, and now you’re thinking… what the heck is missing?

Let’s chat about what the missing piece is in your business for getting you to that next step in a completely FREE 30-min mentorship call. Spots are limited, so hit this link to reserve yours today ❤️

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